About SEReporter

“To build entrepreneurial management into the existing public service institution may be the foremost political task of this generation.”
–Peter Drucker, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

SER provides North American social entrepreneurs and nonprofit enterprise directors with practical news and information, business tools, and inspiration that will improve the profitability and social impact of their social purpose ventures, without sacrificing their tax-exempt missions. SER serves ventures including those pursuing earned-income strategies for new or existing programs, profit-making enterprises, and those developing partnerships with for-profit businesses.

What is a Social Enterprise?

This is not a site for dancing school teachers or dating software developers. SER subscribes to the definitions of social enterprise found on the Virtue Ventures typology: “any nonprofit-owned revenue-generating venture created for the purpose of contributing to a social cause while operating with the discipline, innovation and determination of a for-profit business.”

For more information on social enterprises in your neighborhood, visit the website of the Social Enterprise Alliance. Click here for a list of social enterprise resources from the archived online pages of SEReporter.com.

SER Readers’ Testimonials

“The Social Enterprise Reporter shows us that practical information can be inspiring! Businesses designed to right the wrongs of this world encounter unique challenges. Anyone who is planning, running, or simply curious about social enterprises needs to read this newsletter!” -Cynthia Gair, Portfolio Director, REDF

“We have come to know the Social Enterprise Reporter as an important resource for practitioners and academics.” -Porter McConnell, The William Davidson Institute’s Social Enterprise in Emerging Markets Research Initiative at the University of Michigan

“I love it…great stuff that gets my mind cranking!” -Father Tom Avramis, Chief Executive Officer and President, Trinity Children & Family Services

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